Will my eStatements look the same as my printed statements?
Your eStatement has the same information as your printed statements.
Can I receive a paper statement as well as an eStatement?
When you sign up for eStatements, you may receive both a print and eStatement for the first statement cycle. After that, you will receive only eStatements.
Can I receive a printed statement if my computer isn’t working or if I need one for another reason?
Yes, you may contact the Management Office to request a printed statement by mail. There may be a charge for each statement copy requested.
How do I notify the Management Office of my new e-mail address?
Notify us of your new e-mail address simply by calling the Management Office.
You can also update your email address by logging into this site.
Can my eStatement e-mail notification be sent to two different e-mail addresses?
Currently our system supports only one e-mail address per account.
Can either leaseholder of a joint account sign up to receive eStatements?
At this time, only the primary leaseholder may receive eStatements. This is the individual whose social security number is used on the account.
I am a leaseholder on multiple apartments. Can I get eStatements for those accounts too?
You may receive eStatements for any accounts on which you are listed as the primary leaseholder.
If I notice an error or have a question about any transaction on my eStatement, whom do I contact?
You may contact the management Office with any questions related to your eStatements.
How do I stop receiving eStatements?
We hope you will enjoy the convenience of eStatements and getting your statement sooner. However you can switch back to the paper version of your statements at any time by logging into the www.SignUpForEBill.com website and changing your preference to US Mail. You will begin receiving your statements by postal mail with your next statement cycle.